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Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Brian Repici
Dr. Brian Repici
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Black Horse Pike Regional School District

2015-2016 School Year Message


The new schedule is a change from our very traditional schedule to one that maximizes resources, relationships and time so that our students make the most of their high school experience, improve academic achievement, and are college and career ready.  Through the new schedule, more students will have the opportunity to engage in academic enrichment activities, participate in co-curricular programs, and, faculty will gain opportunities to meet and discuss instructional best practices in an effort to improve the student experience.


If there is ever a need to immediately notify parents/guardians of an emergency situation, we will be utilizing the District webpage, the District Facebook page, and the Alert Calling System. Please make sure the schools have accurate and up-to-date contact information, including address, phone number(s) and e-mail addresses.  


We continue to upgrade our facilities so that our learning environments create conditions that optimize students' experiences. Therefore, this school year, the following facility upgrades are already underway:

1. Replacing the Highland second floor asbestos flooring and ceiling.
2. Install air conditioning and new heating unit in Highland High School.
3. Replace the Highland auxiliary gym roof and replace roof sheathing over the entire second floor.
4. Install new lockers in three main hallways at Triton Regional High School. We are replacing the original lockers, which were over 50 years old.
5. Installing a new fire alarm system at Triton Regional High School.
6. Replacing new exterior doors at Triton Regional High School.
7. We patched part of the rear (student) parking lot, yet realize that the entire parking area has to be re-surfaced in the very near future.
8. Upgrading our intercom and bell system at Triton Regional High School.
9. Purchasing a bathroom facility for the outside of Timber Creek Regional High School.  
10. Upgrading our security cameras in all three schools. 
11. Replacing outdated classroom technology in all schools that includes the replacement of over 300 computers.  


The schedule provides students the ability to make responsible choices that maximize their school experience.  Balancing lunchtime with chances to participate in co-curricular activities, pursue remedial and/or enrichment experiences, or participate in career discussions strengthens a student’s ability to make the best use of his or her time.  We strongly believe that by providing our students with this level of responsibility, to enhance their high school experience, we are better preparing them for their post-secondary goals.  Students will have opportunities to pursue remedial support in a given subject or gain enrichment opportunities to deepen their understanding or mastery of a particular academic discipline.


Over the course of the last three school years, we have already realized a reduction in utility costs due to the installation of high efficiency lighting (over 19,000 light bulbs have been changed district-wide), changing our refrigeration practices, establishing wiser heating and air conditioning practices, shutting off lights and computers when not in use, and structuring more responsible irrigation practices. In addition, we have discontinued the use of chemicals used to strip flooring, improved indoor air quality by installing MERV8 filters in our HVAC systems, and improved our recycling and composting behaviors so that what gets discarded in lunch rooms and classrooms results in a reduction of our environmental and ecological footprint. Moreover, our composting is collected by Organic Diversion, a company that supports and coaches the students and staff on how to collect materials and then provides the school with reports on collection quantities and strategies to improve composting and recycling efforts. The compost is also used in our Science curricula, where students examine it for microbes and decomposition rates.

Timber Creek’s environmental impact has been measured by its reduction of Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide per person. Prior to the Green Team, Timber Creek Regional High School’s Carbon Dioxide output per person was 5.19 Metric Tons. Today, because of all of the changes at Timber Creek, the Carbon Dioxide output is 2.51 Metric Tons per person. Moreover, Timber Creek has measured a 23% reduction in electric and natural gas due to adopting environmentally conscientious practices. We are taking great pride in our ability to effect change as stewards of the environment at Timber Creek Regional High School.  

 Yours in education,

 Dr. Brian Repici


Dear Parents and Guardians:

We are almost through a half school year in our rotating bell schedule with a Community Lunch & Learn at the center of the school day. School Administrators are continually talking with students and parents about how to make the schedule work better for students and staff. For instance, one of the repetitive suggestions we heard from students in the first marking period was how they could not hear or see the announcements. We adjusted and placed five more minutes into the first class so that students could hear and see the student-led television announcements.

We also surveyed staff to gain some further insight about the transition from their perspective. Staff suggested that we create a way to track the number of students going to enrichment during the Community Lunch & Learn, so two teachers created a QR Code that scans to a Google Document in order to track the numbers of students. We will also increase the number of days teachers are available for enrichment based on feedback from teachers, while striving to build a schedule for club, activities and sports team meetings. We also plan to roll out an App for the students to use to know the letter day, the schedule for in-school programs that day, and to read the announcements.
We continue to look for ways to revise our plans with formatting and personnel placement so that the Community Lunch & Learn and the new rotating schedule meets the needs of every student. We will continue to meet with Class Officers so that students have the ability to provide feedback as Student Government representation.
Please enjoy this short video that captures some of the positivity generated by the Lunch & Learn.

Thank you,

Dr. Brian Repici




Secretary: Mariellen Habina
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